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TOA Intelligent Schedulling

We undertake more than 2 million street works excavations per year and achieving an optimum reinstatement schedule represents a constant challenge. 

Having evaluated various scheduling software options, the Morrison Utility Services Business Process and Systems (BPS) team integrated TOA Technologies’ ETAdirect software with our in-house Work Management System, Isis.

ETAdirect factors in a range of specified considerations (skill set, accreditation, availability, geography, work type, priority, estimated travel time, etc), to efficiently and effectively optimise work schedules for multiple resources.

Jobs held in Isis are broken down into specific tasks and automatically sent across to ETAdirect where the work is allocated to available teams with the appropriate skills and vehicles to complete the tasks in the correct sequence.  Routing for each team is optimised, factoring in the priorities and constraints that can be set within the system and the tasks themselves.

Following optimisation of the schedule, tasks are electronically issued by ETAdirect to the reinstatement teams’ mobile tablet devices, enabling the team leader to view a schedule of the day’s tasks and the route between each task.  The tablets also enable teams to update agents on arrival times and job completion status, as well as capture reinstatement data such as measurements, photographs and GPS co-ordinates.

Progress can be viewed in real-time by agents and co-ordinators ensuring that, should a task take longer than expected, the system automatically adjusts any dependent tasks as necessary.  Data from completed tasks is automatically interfaced back into Isis, along with dates, times, photos, etc.  At the end of each working day, the team leader will deactivate the route and any unfulfilled tasks are automatically rescheduled for the following day.

In 2012, the solution was configured for the Morrison Reinstatement Services (MRS) business unit and over 40 teams and four agents are now using the solution across five MRS depots in the Midlands. 

In 2014, it won the 2014 Computer Weekly European User Awards for Enterprise Software – Cloud Innovation.

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Innovation Awards

2016 Innovate UK innovation grant

2014 Computer Weekly European User Award

2014 Energy Innovation Award

2013 Energy Innovation Award - Best Innovation Implemented/Adopted by a Customer

2013 Pipeline Industries Guild Award - Utility Innovation

2013 Institute of Water Southern Area Innovation Award

2012 Institute of Water Northern Area Innovation Award

2012 Water Industry Achievement Awards -Most Innovative use of an Existing Technology